Computer Repair


Computer Repair Services

Virus removal

There are many types of viruses out there from traditional Trojans, Worms, and Data Miners
To the latest Malware, Spyware, and Ransomware
They can cause data loss, lower productivity or worse steal your financial and personal information.

At CSI were experts are removing these viruses from your PC or Mac.

Password Recovery

Let’s face it, It’s happened to all of us. We change the password on our computer one too many times,
and we forget what we changed it to. Or we buy a used computer only to find that we can’t even use it because it has a password.
Whatever the reason, you need access and you don’t want to lose everything by reinstalling windows from scratch.

At CSI we can recover or remove the password for you.

Screen Replacement

So you got your laptop set up just how you want it, you have all your important information on it and you depend on it for work.
and you drop it, or your kids dropped it, or you stepped on it (it’s happened to me) and the screen breaks. I’ve seen it many times.

Don’t throw it away call CSI and we can get you a replacement screen and install it for you good as new.

Hardware Installation and Repair

If you computer goes out and you don’t know what’s wrong, call CSI sometimes it can be as simple as a new power supply or bad memory.
Maybe your hard drive went out, it can be very daunting but at CSI were hardware experts
and can diagnose the problem and get you up and running in as little as 1 day.

Software Installation

Like a lot of people out there, you want to be able to do things with your computer but your not quite sure what software you need.
Maybe you do know what software you need but your not comfortable installing it yourself or need help setting it up the way you want.
let CSI do the work for you we can install software and set it up for your specific needs.

Custom Built Systems

Let me start by saying Custom Built Systems are not for everyone, If your only need for a computer is to surf the web or get on social media
then buying a computer from a retail store is a less expensive option. However if you want a reliable, fast, top of the line powerful computer
CSI can build you a system customized to your specific needs whether it’s for Gaming, Business applications, Audio and Video editing
or if your like me and you have to have the best.
CSI can build it for you.

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