Security Camera Systems

Security Camera Systems

Commercial Systems

Security cameras for your business are very important, whether it’s a small office or a large restaurant
Having cameras allows you to log in remotely from your smart phone or computer to keep an eye on things when your not there.
they can help you avoid costly fraudulent slip an fall lawsuits, catch dishonest employees, and assist with customer complaints

At CSI we can custom build you a security camera system that meets your needs.

Residential Cameras

Security cameras for your home are a must have in this day and age.
burglaries are on the rise and you need to be able to protect your family and your property. Whether you want to keep an eye on your vehicles, your children at play, or just have the piece of mind knowing you can see who comes to your home.
our systems can be remote monitored from your cell phone or your computer when your away from home. it’s been shown that having security cameras is a good deterrent for crime. Burglars will typically avoid homes with cameras.

No lease, No Monthly Fees, No Strangers watching your family

At CSI we don’t lease you the equipment it’s yours to keep, If you move you can take it with you.
There are no monthly monitoring fees, because we don’t monitor the cameras.
These are your cameras and only you and those you allow should have access to your personal business information and family
I personally never liked the idea of having some strangers in a monitoring center somewhere looking at my home or my business or watching my kids play.

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